Friday, 12 February 2010

We need more writers! (:

Since Morania decided to quit and almost none of our writers posts much, I want one or two new writers. If you are interested, please fill the form below and post it in a comment or in my guestbook.

Stardoll name:
Previously worked on a blog and which one:
How often will you post:

Please note that every new writer gets a banner. :]


Muffins0012 said...

Muffins0012 / Isabelle

Not given my age out (But im less than 14)

Yes, many. SD Hell, Stardoll side, etc.

I can post daily or if not every 3-5 days.

LifeFortune said...

Stardoll Name; Meganp969
Age; 13 ;]
Previously worked on;
How often I'll post; Every day, maybe if I'm busy every two days.

2peicesofcandy1 said...

Stardoll Name: 2peicesofcandy1
Age: 13 (Almost!)

Previously worked on a blog: Yes. Right now I'm currently looking for jobs as a model (for Stardoll magazines) and/or a blogger. Just something to keep myself busy or something to be working on! Currently I'm working on making my own blog better! (

How often I will post: Whenever I feel its necessary. If I see something interesting I will post it.

tasha said...

vicvic101 (check out my blog for my list

im on everyday and ive got 2 blog and worked for one but the owner deleted it

btw how do u let writers accsess it

Gemmapywell said...

Stardoll name: Gemmapywell
Age: 13. <3 nearly 14.
Previously worked on a blog and which one: Um, 44nicole44, Paparazzi, Stardoll Gossip, Stardoll: All the Gossip, Lips of Stardoll, Stardoll makeovers.♥ & Have helped on Ellie's Stardoll Presentations. :D
How often will you post: Mostly Everyday. <3 ♥

i love your blog. Hope you consider me. :) said...

I have my own block with writers
I can post every day many posts

Anonymous said...

Im maddi LIL.MIZZ.MADDI is my own blog,
I can post alot (:

Abigail ♡ said...

My old e-mail address is no longer working anymore... I will dollmail if you still want me to write for the blog... Please reply in my guestbook...


PwincessSara/Sara said...

Stardoll Name: PwincessSara
Age: 14
Prevouisly worked on blog: Am currently working on Stardoll Gossip, Detective Stardoll and am running my own blog Stardoll News and Views.
How often I will post: Usually daily, as I log on near enough everyday. If not, then every 2 days. I will tell you in advance if I can't post over a certain period of time.

mileymm said...

Stardoll Name: Emma.990

Age: 13 almost 14.

Previously worked on a blog and wich one:
Well I have my own blog ,Stardoll World 990, and I probably be the new writer of Colossal Magazine.

How often will you post:
I will post daily,like in my Blog.I will post many things each day.

Emma ♥

Anonymous said...

1) Stardoll name: GraceyLacey1
2) Age: I'm not allowed give out my age! But I'm less than 20
3) I have never worked on a blog , but that is why I want to try It! It would be a new experience
4) I can post daily (exept when I am on holidays!)